Welcome to IT Training Kenya. Welcome to the home of quality computer and IT training education. Our programmes are designed to develop your theoretical and practical knowledge of computer science and information technology. This will develop your problem-solving and analytical skills.

The problem with IT training in Kenya is that it seldom produces true professionals who are ready for the world. Too often have we heard of people needing to be re-trained after graduating from that famous school. We want to change this. Our vision is to educate and train students who will go on to change Kenya, and the world.

Our mission is to kick-start or re-ignite IT careers by providing high quality IT training. We offer a wide range of IT training programs and continuing education. Not only that, we offer a guarantee that you will get a job after passing through our IT trainers, career consultants and specialised recruitment team.

That said, we must say that we believe that anyone trained in computer science and IT should be an employer and not an employee. As such, all our courses include entrepreneurship as a core part of the training. We want to see our students succeed, at any cost!

We are well-known for producing skilled and motivated professionals. Our lecturers and trainers have been conducting IT training courses successfully and have years of experience!

We believe and invest in our students and strive to build them into leading technologists in Kenya. Our culture is one that promotes: honesty, creativity, respect, intelligence, hard work, innovation, a ‘can-do’ attitude, and boldness.