How Technology is Changing IT Training

In the beginning it was in the classroom where IT education was given. On the blackboard or the whiteboard, the tutor used to explain the lessons. At the end of the lesson, the students were allowed to go to the computer lab and use what they learnt in the classroom with the help of an instructor.

However, this scenario has only changed a little despite lots of new technologies being available for the teachers. But with the advent of the internet, distant education facilities on IT have improved in a big way. There are also facilities for self studies through the internet. Very often, teachers reach their students over the internet.

In order to learn IT for your day-to-day use, there are ample opportunities provided by the internet. Lots of tutorials are there in the internet and also there are lots of forums dealing with different subjects. There are articles to read on various subjects that could be used for acquiring IT skills. Even for serious students, internet comes in handy as they are able to scoop information on any subject by visiting the internet.

In class rooms also, you have the possibility of using simple technologies such as overhead projectors that could be directly connected to computers. They save time for teachers as it is not necessary to print slides for overhead projectors the way they did before projectors arrived. Teachers also could use computers to write their notes these days.

For serious IT training, still it is the class room and the computer lab that are being used extensively. However, text books are not necessary most often as the e-books are available at cheaper rates. As almost all students these days have their own laptops or e-book readers, e-books could be used practically. These are just a few ways technology is being used for IT education.

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