IT Training For Managers

IT training Kenya offers IT software training for all Managers, aspiring Managers, Business Owners, and Departmental Heads. In today’s world – and workplace, especially – it is essentially impossible to lead without an understanding of computers and information technology. More than that, It systems offer the potential of efficiencies and competitive advantage that just cannot be ignored by the manager or the leader. You need to understand IT so that you are able to make the best use of it for your organisation.

This course enables managers to more competently manage their staff, assess their IT needs and gauge deliverables by It contractors. We take a practical approach in this course and focus on understanding the areas in which management and IT cross paths. The course itself will cover:

  • understanding software requirements
  • electronic commerce
  • electronic marketing
  • IT applications for business
  • etc

Our trainers have many years of experience teaching while some have many years of experience in the IT sector, delivering software to small and large businesses. Past students have appreciated this unique mix of experiences in different industries.